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OROAREZZO 2019 Closes Under The Banner Of Synergies Between Trade Shows

The single jewelry platform is essential for the Italian gold and jewelry industry.

OROAREZZO, the show managed by Italian Exhibition Group at Arezzo Fiere e Congressi, came to a close with significant stability, yet more symbolic in light of a difficult market.

“We have obtained positive results,” explained Ugo Ravanelli, CEO of Italian Exhibition Group, “thanks to the considerable effort made to achieve a single management for jewelry trade shows, which has strengthened the role of the platform IEG aimed for. A management that, at Arezzo, was clearly demonstrated in all its efficiency and which was substantially based on four mainstays: bringing the dates forward according to market strategies, investing, focusing on positioning and developing buyer incoming from abroad.”

Thanks to this work, from 6th to 9th April, OROAREZZO grouped together and promoted the very best of Made in Italy gold and jewelry on an international scale. The expected figures were confirmed: over 450 guest buyers, traders from emerging and traditional markets, in attendance from 60 different countries due to the support of MISE (Italian Ministry of Economic Development) and ICE (Italian Trade Agency) as well as 500 exhibiting companies representing the best of Made in Italy jewelry production.

The Show’s positioning, increasingly more transparent and defined both in terms of offer, which focuses on Italian manufacture, and on demand, which embraces countries from all over the world, received much appreciation.

The inflow from leading markets was good: first of all from the Middle East (with the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon) but also from the USA, while Hong Kong, Germany and Spain remained stable.

Business activities during the Show reflected the sector’s export trends highlighting, in fact, the United Arab Emirates in first place in the ranking of main outlet countries, especially for Arezzo jewelry production, with an increase in exports to Hong Kong (+4.2%) and US demand remaining stable.

Due to IEG’s efforts, the event provided the chance to weigh up the Italian jewelry industry’s situation in the presence of all the sector’s interlocutors; from MISE – whose participation was further enhanced by the attendance of Prof. Michele Geraci, Undersecretary of State for Economic Development,– to company representatives.

Confindustria Federorafi, Confartigianato, CNA and Confimi Industria, representing the entire Italian gold and jewelry manufacturing industry, formally asked the Government for more public investment in order to strengthen the leadership of Italian trade shows.

Also much appreciated was the change of date for this 40th edition of the show, brought forward to better balance out the jewelry show calendar and to avoid overlapping with religious festivities (Easter, Passover, Ramadan).

This decision made it easier for exhibitors and buyers from target markets to attend. Buyer services were also extended so that the buyers could organize their business activities more efficiently. They also particularly appreciated the chance to enjoy the city tour program.

Integrating the business service offer with the participation and promotion of the territory confirmed the distinctive trade show model that IEG is intent on encouraging. The value of the trade show event, not only for the jewelry sector but for the entire local hosting system, was highlighted in relations with the city, in the organization of concurrent events and by local businesses remaining open during the show weekend.

The single platform’s coming gold and jewelry events managed by Italian Exhibition Group will be in Vicenza, with Vicenzaoro September from 7th to 11th September and once more in Arezzo from 26th to 28th October with Gold Italy.


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