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Royal Chain’s New Gold Collection Targets the “Selfie” Generation

It’s called “The Influencer Collection”.

Royal Chain has released a new gold collection and they are straight to the point about who it’s made for, targeting the Instagram and “selfie obsessed” Millennials and Gen Z audience.

Royal Chain calls the new series, “The Influencer Collection”, having fun with the younger generations’ mentality that they are all “influencers,” even if they can be seen as the main targets of this new collection. The 52 piece assortment features all 14K gold items with opening price points, starting as low as $85. The designs include fun novelty pieces and splurge-worthy trending fashions designed with a next-gen vibe.

The looks are smaller in footprint, but are meant to be styled in layered looks which is how Royal Chain sees the target wearing these pieces. The collection is a departure from their traditional gold collections recently, which consisted generally of statement heavy gold pieces, such as those featured in their 40th Anniversary collection.

However, testing showed interest in the lower profile pieces, as the younger generations start to build their gold wardrobes. The idea is that these entry-level price points and trending designs will whet the appetite of the younger crowd and thus convert them into gold buyers for the future.

The collection’s accompanying brochure shows the collection in a minimalistic way, alongside nostalgic Polaroid shots and all-important trending hashtags. Royal Chain plans to introduce more in this series in the summer during Las Vegas Jewelry week and other subsequent shows.

The Influencer Collection is now available and can be ordered by visiting Royal Chain’s website or calling 800.622.0960. Retailers can also visit them at JCK Las Vegas, in their new home at the Sands Expo, Booth 7109.


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