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In this last 3 years, Zen has been rapidly expanding abroad as it opened stores in Düsseldorf, Cologne and later in Hamburg. Other international stores are in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, TRNC and New York, US.

Zen Diamond stores aim to provide the Zen shopping experience to the guests by enabling them to discover hundreds of design in a warm and elegant environment. In addition to various diamond jewellery models in different styles including modern or classical design, there are designs where diamond and colourful valuable stones are combined.

Zen Diamond has the largest diamond jewellery factory in Europe and the Middle East. Diamonds as the dream of every woman turn into a piece of jewellery at the skilful hands of Zen craftsman.

In addition to its expertise in production and wholesales, Zen Diamond started its operations in retail in 2005 and today, the brand has reached a store chain that expands with 80 stores from its own country to America, Gulf countries and Europe. Zen Diamond designs are also sold to the entire world from wholesale sales offices in New York, Düsseldorf and Dubai. Zen Diamond has completed the highest export between 2008-2015 and on 2018 in diamond jewellery and awarded by İstanbul Minerals and Metal Exporters’ Association.


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