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You’re Invited To Discover The Endless And Dazzling Opportunities At Jewellery Antalya!

The leading companies of the Jewellery World will meet at Jewellery Antalya with Turkish Jewellery Manufacturers and International Buyers. With its ever-growing number of exhibitors and visitors, Jewellery Antalya provides unique networking opportunities.

The 3rd edition of Jewellery Antalya will take place at Kaya Palazzo Belek Hotel on 5 - 9 January 2023. 80 Turkish gold, silver, diamond, pearl and mounting companies will meet with more than 400 visitors over 40 countries.

The event will be a great opportunity to discover the wide product range, model variety and superiority of design in Turkish Jewellery. You’ll discover the 5000 years of outstanding craftsmanship that cultivated from the Anatolian history. Here in exhibition the ancient beauty meets with modern technology.

The visitors will be invited by the organizers and their all inclusive accommodation will be free of charge. Accomadation will be free of charge and a limited value of visitors' flights will be reimbursed at the venue.

Antalya offers a splendid weather of average 20 degrees celcius in January. This will give all visitors to work as well as enjoy the beautiful weather, beaches, entertainment and amenities offered by the 5 star Kaya Palazzo Belek Hotel.

Now, this is the time to enjoy the business and the leisure together with your family.

Hope to see you at Jewellery Antalya 2023…


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