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Ara; 365 Days 24 Hours Open, Jewellery Event

Güncelleme tarihi: 2 Ağu 2022

Turkish Jewellery Exporters' Association's b2b portal application is now available on Android Market and App Store.

Turkish Jewellery Exporters' Association brought together Turkey's leading jewellery manufacturer companies under a single website. 140 jewellery manufacturer companies have been included in the jewellery portal. In the system, it is possible to view tens of thousands of model jewellery and contact info of the manufacturers. The number of member companies continues to increase day by day. In addition, new products are constantly uploaded to the system and the site is updated.

365 Days 24 Hours Open, Jewellery Event

In, companies were classified according to their fields of activity. Visitors can search products or manufacturers in categories such as gold jewellery, diamond jewellery, silver jewellery, wedding rings, gold chains and mounting jewellery. From all over the world, you can visit at any time to review companies and jewellery and contact directly manufacturers.

Online b2b jewellery platform with the world's best quality jewellery photos and videos

In the system, each product is included with a Professional photo taken from 2 angles, a photo taken on the model and a 360-degree video. Each product includes detailed information such as gram, gemstone information, gold setting. Visitors who view the products can directly contact the manufacturer. is the only platform where photos and videos of each jewellery have standard quality of the world.

Special page designed for each company

A special page was designed for each manufacturer in the system. On this page; You can find all kinds of detailed information such as the authorized person of the company, mobile phone, e-mail address, field of activity, the jewellery fairs it participated in and the website. The visitor, who views the company's page, can have detailed information.

Live chat with Whatsapp and Zoom

In the system, visitors and producers can also make live calls via Whatsapp and Zoom.

Hundreds of commercial partnerships have been built is not a sales site. The prices of the products are not defined in the system. can be defined as an online jewellery event open 365 days a year. So far, tens of thousands of jewellery buyers have entered the system and visited nearly 2 million times. Many companies that met on the platform established cooperation and traded.

Before going to the jewellery fairs, visit

Turkish jewellery companies participate in jewellery fairs all over the world. Many fair visitors visit before going to the fair, view the product groups of the companies and make their fair visit plan according to this information. Thus, the visitor company makes effective use of its time. is now available on Android Market and App Store.

Visit right now and follow the companies and tens of thousands of new models in the world's fastest growing jewellery industry.


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