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Turkish Jewellery Industry Chooses the Designers of the Future

The Turkish jewellery industry is getting ready to discover its new talents. The future of jewellery exported from Turkey to the world is determined by the jewellery designers of the future with the theme of 'Next Horizon'. This year, the Jury of the Jewellery Design Competition includes valuable names, including Sebastien Renault.

The Turkish jewellery industry attaches great importance to its development in design as well as its power in production. In this direction, Jewellery Design Competition is organized every year by the Turkish Jewellery Exporters' Association in order to encourage creative and original designs to gain added value and to bring them to the sector and the country's economy by providing export value.

The theme of the competition, which was held for the 13th time this year, is 'Next Horizon'. The result of the competition will be announced at the award ceremony to be held on March 17. At the ceremony, the top three people who best designed the 'jewellery of the future' will be awarded.

In this year's jury of the 13th Jewellery Design Competition; Promostly-International Style and Trend Office Coordinator and Art Director Sebastien Renault, Design and Jewellery Master Surmak Susmak, Designer and Siren Ertan Istanbul brand founder Siren Ertan, Marmara University Faculty of Applied Sciences Dean and Head of Jewellery and Jewellery Design Department Prof. Dr. Sibel Kılıç, Beauty Omelette Founder & Creative Director Nur Bilen Yavuzer, Mers Founding Partners Meral Tahincioğlu Peltekçi and Aylin Tahincioğlu, Altınbaş Jewelery Board Member and Mevaris Creative Director Fatoş Altınbaş, Human Innovation Designer Arzu Kaprol and Researcher-Author Arsen Yarman.

Jewels of the Future…

The 13th Jewellery Design Competition awaits designers who see a world different from everyone else when they turn their eyes to the horizon, and bring together their inspiration and imagination from the future with jewellery. Based on the idea that jewelery comes from the past by being renewed in the hands of innovative masters, designers are asked to see the next era and reveal the 'jewellery of the future'.

Among the designers participating in the competition to take the jewelery world to the next level, those who best reflect the futuristic world of the future on their jewelery will win various awards. The first-placed designer will be awarded a 100 thousand lira monetary award, as well as an NFT certificate and media communication package for his design. The second place designer will be rewarded with 75 thousand liras and the third place designer will be awarded with 50 thousand liras.


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