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The leading and innovative brand of the Jewelry Sector has opened its 20th overseas store in Tirana, the capital of Albania.

Altınbaş, the leading brand of Turkey’s jewelry sector presents its distinguished designs globally with the new store established in Tirana, Albania. With this second store in the Albanian capital, Altınbaş expands its store network across the Balkans.

Ensuring its presence at numerous top fashion and jewelry destinations of the world, Altınbaş will present its most favorite collections to jewelry enthusiasts at the new store the Brand has set up in Tirana.

Boasting an area of 102 sqm, this new concept store offers a unique and new shopping experience to Altınbaş’s guests from all over the Balkans while exuding an unmistakable aura of class and quality thanks to its new window display design. Arranging its offerings in four main categories as Gift, Fashion, Jewelry and Wedding in addition to collections, Altınbaş makes it easy for jewelry shoppers to find what they are exactly looking for.

We will continue investing abroad

Explaining this investment in Tirana, Altınbaş Board Chairman İmam Altınbaş said; “We have been graced by the favor of the region as the jewelry brand with the most stores in the Balkans, and we aim to increase our stores abroad, based on demand.”

Underlining their particular focus on Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia, İmam Altınbaş mentioned; “We have opened up the path for Turkey’s jewelry sector in the Balkans. I think investments can be made in these countries in other industries along with jewelry. Turkey is a production and exports oriented country, we wield significant manufacturing power. I believe our potential allows for a huge surge in exports. Altınbaş will continue its contribution to Turkey’s exports and thereby Turkey’s economy. We will expand our store network inside and outside the country.”


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