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Sold, via WhatsApp, a $360,000 Diamond Ring

An Italian jeweler in lockdown sold a $360,000 diamond ring - via the messaging service WhatsApp.

The buyer, a wealthy Swiss woman, agreed the sale after seeing the gem on video calls.

The Genoa-based jeweler Gismondi 1754 sets great store by its history - 1754 is the year its founder, Giovan Battista Gismondi, was born.

But chief executive Massimo Gismondi, a seventh-generation descendant, was happy to embrace 21st century technology.

Before the pandemic he said he would never have considered selling a 10-carat diamond without the client seeing it for themselves.

"I was on the phone chatting with the lady who is buying it, and it came up that this was the dream of a lifetime for her," he told Reuters.


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