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Sixième Sens Par Cartier: The New High Jewelry Collection Disrupts Perceptions

Disrupting our perceptions, this collection draws us into a world where our senses are stimulated and awakened, including our sixth sense, that touches our heart with exhilarating emotion.

A sketch of a stylish feline, organic textures, ripples of sparkling colors... The shimmering gems create sparks of electricity, while the stones with their delicious hues of ripe fruit invoke the scents of a distant paradise. Trompe-l’œil or graphic games, optic effects or evocative power, the compositions play with Earth’s gravity, radiant transfigurations of reality. On the skin, the jewels shimmer in the light, coming to life before our eyes.


How can you add to the beauty of an 8.20-carat ruby? Is it possible to enhance what is already exceptional? This ring’s architecture conceals a tiered construction that allows a 4.01 carat rose-cut diamond to be inserted just below the stone on top.


A vibrant testimony to diamonds’ power to enchant, this necklaces features six different cuts, each reflecting the light from a different angle.


It’s impossible to resist the magnetism of this ring, which blurs lines and plays games on visual perceptions.

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