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Shopify Apps Created For Jewelers To Reach More Engagement Ring Clients

If you’ve been thinking of selling jewelry on Facebook or Instagram, there’s no better time to get started than right now. Since Facebook owns Instagram, it makes sense that a lot of the heavy lifting of the advertising process would be done for you — if you choose to advertise on one platform, carrying that ad over to the other platform can be done easily in a series of simple steps.

Here’s what you need to know in order to advertise your jewelry business on Facebook and Instagram.


One of the biggest benefits of advertising your jewelry on Facebook and Instagram is that you only have to worry about managing them from one centralized dashboard. This makes it easy for you to select and experiment with different audiences, placements and more. Facebook gives you more options to test with, while Instagram lets you integrate your ad with an existing story or post you’ve shared.

Many of our customers prefer to start out advertising on Instagram, owing to the simpler user interface, and get accustomed to it before they start to work with the greater customizability and refining options that Facebook offers.


Another point to keep in mind before you decide is the demographics you’ll be working with. Instagram’s audience typically skews younger than Facebook’s, so keep that in mind as you tailor your ads and images. If you want to reach a larger, more diverse audience of all ages and backgrounds, chances are that Facebook will have more of what you’re looking for.

If you want to raise awareness about your jewelry and plant a seed in the customer’s mind to check out your diamond rings or other items, it may be a good idea to simply boost a post, without the need to use the ads manager. This helps your brand gain traction in terms of engagement and interaction with your fans and followers.


One of the areas that can confuse many jewelry store owners when it comes to advertising on Facebook and Instagram is how to get the most out of their images. Facebook allows you to use an image carousel, made up of two or more scrolling images, as well as a single type of media (which can be an image or video) or boost a specific post.

No matter which option you choose, it’s important to showcase crisp, clear, professional images and videos. And although you don’t have all of these options on Instagram, Instagram is primarily a visual medium, so this advice is doubly important there. Take the time and invest in having professional photos and videos shot from various angles so that you can share the highest quality images across both networks. In this case, a picture really is worth a thousand words!


You wouldn’t think to start a sale without a plan, and the same applies to your jewelry store ads on Instagram and Facebook. What role will these ads play in your overall jewelry store marketing goals? What are you looking to do with the ads? Knowing the answer to this, whether it’s creating additional brand exposure or creating anticipation before a sale, will help you decide which audience will benefit most from your advertising, and which platform you should concentrate on.

Of course, you can always experiment with your ads. Facebook allows for A/B testing, and since Facebook owns Instagram, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Instagram’s advertising options gradually open up to accommodate more Facebook’s breadth and depth. And like all advertising platforms, it pays to work with professionals who are not only knowledgeable about how the platform works, but who can work with you to help you get the best possible ROI with your online jewelry store marketing.

Interested in learning more? Connect with us at Gemfind Digital Solutions. We’ve been solely focused on marketing in the jewelry industry for over 20 years. During that time, a lot has changed, and we’ve stayed one step ahead of those changes at every twist and turn. Work with a reliable, knowledgeable company that can market your jewelry store to reach your ideal customer and turn interest into action. Contact us today for more information!

Source : Gemfind Digital Solutions


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