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The number of foreign buyers participating in the foreign purchase delegate program organised by the Turkish Jewellery Exporters’ Association has reached 1000. Turkey’s largest foreign buyer organisation significantly contributes to the Istanbul Jewelry Show’s fast and positive growth.

The Turkish Jewellery Exporters' Association (JTR) will be hosting more than 1000 buyers from all over the world during the Istanbul Jewelry Show (IJS) between October 10 - 13 2019 in Istanbul. This year, too, JTR is again breaking a record by bringing not less than 1,000 buyers to Turkey to take part in IJS. The 1,000-member guest list is the result of meticulous research to define the ideal buyers' profile and to invite and fly in those manufacturers and retailers who will generate the best possible results.

Chairman of Turkish Jewelry Exporters' Association Mustafa Kamar; "JTR's buyers programme has been in place for quite some time now and throughout the years we've honed our skills and improved our ability to spot, locate and identify those buyers that are the best fit to the Istanbul Jewelry Show and its exhibitors. Of course, over the years, due the intense efforts and significant investments that we have made in this programme, we now have in hand one of the best data bases of the international gem and jewellery industry and trade.

Of course, we are most interested in those buyers that are the best fit to what our exhibitors have to offer. We really want to see them spend a lot of time at the show and with our exhibitors. And to guarantee a good fit, we expect our exhibiting members to prepare themselves well for the show and specifically for these special buyers. It is a lot of work, but this model has proven to be very successful!

Naturally, we continue to try and reinvent ourselves. To help them spend their time in an as efficient as possible manner, we have come up with all kind of meeting models, some of which that can only be compared to a speed dating programme. Another programme that we also adopted successfully is the dedicated VIP delegation programme for the most important buyers."


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