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Paola De Luca’s Futurist launches the 2nd Edition of the Futurist Academy Course & Masterclass

The Futurist, a creative intelligence agency led by luxury analyst Paola De Luca, will launch the second edition of “The Roadmap to Seasons 2024+” plus related masterclasses running from March to June. A complimentary Masterclass titled “Jewellery Design Directions & Products 2022” will take place on February 28th at 16:00 CET, and will include an introduction to the course program and the faculty, for those who are interested to register.

The Futurist Academy Course will start with Module One on Monday March 14th and will end on June 6th with an exclusive Preview of Seasons 2024.

The course is organized into eight modules, with masterclasses which can be purchased separately. Paola De Luca explained “the course is democratically priced, designed for individual professionals, designers, marketers, SME’s who are actively working on projects, collections, and marketing campaigns for the upcoming seasons.”

She added, “through dynamic presentations and lectures with industry experts, applicants will be able to develop their own projects, guided by professionals who will be sharing feedback on project assignments and a final capstone.”

Each session will feature live presentations led by faculty leaders and industry experts who will share their invaluable knowledge on decoding consumer culture, the future of design, product directions, culture and lifestyle and will help you identify market opportunities for your businesses. The course will be accompanied by 40 on-demand videos, course materials, live sessions and interactive classes. “The interactive sessions are designed to reproduce a classroom experience where applicants from around the world are able to inspire one another. It’s important for us to bring an element of human connection to the online space.”

Applicants will receive a certificate of completion from the Futurist.

Course Value Includes:

· 8 Modules with Live sessions

· 40 on-demand videos

· 8 PDF documents

· The Futurist Workbook Template

· Preview Seasons 2024 Masterclass + Downloadable PDF

Early Bird Sign up for only €350. Early Bird valid until February 25th. Register now. Last day to register is March 13th. Sign up starting February 26th until March 13th for a regular price of €400.

Full details and registration details can be found via this link: here.


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