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More U.S. birthdays in August than any other month .

The earliest known mention of a birthday celebration (around 3,000 B.C.E.) was a Pharaoh’s. The Greeks added candles to cakes. Ancient Romans were the first to celebrate birthdays for the common man (but just the men). The contemporary birthday cakes were invented by German bakers in the 1800’s.

There doesn’t seem to be a defining history of when jewelry was given as birthday gifts, but we do know that 180,000 year old mummies have been found wearing self-adornment items Couldn’t some have been birthday gifts?

There are more U.S. birthdays in August than any other month. THE MVEye, a leading consumer research firm, has published its latest report providing valuable insights into this major gift-giving celebration.

THE MVEye asked female respondents point-blank what do they really want as a birthday gift?

· Fine jewelry at 20% beat out flowers, spa treatments and event tickets

· But retail gift cards, clothing came before jewelry/watches

For both women and men, a meal out is still the number one requested birthday gift as well as the one most given for both genders.

Birthday gift-giving has changed over the past 5 years.

Noted changes from our past research include a 35% increase in $100+ event tickets for her since 2021.

Other significant findings:

· 38% of respondents said they spent $100+ for jewelry versus 65% said they spent $100+ for event tickets (even though only 11% of women really want event tickets as a birthday gift)

· And in the category of gifts for him- 72% of gift givers spent $100+ on watch/jewelry gifts vs 43% who spent $100+ on event tickets.

Who is receiving birthday gifts?

Receiving a tangible gift, not just a greeting card, were 62% of spouses/partners, 62% of parents, and 57% of daughters. Best friends have now moved towards the top of the list with 54% receiving gifts. Siblings at 51% and sons at 49% round off the top 6.

The gap between the number of women and men who receive jewelry/watch is shrinking. Twenty-eight percent of respondents say that they have purchased jewelry/watches for women and 21% said for men, only a 7% difference.

What type of jewelry are women receiving?

· Necklaces/pendants 77%

· Bracelets and earrings both 68%

· 87% of men said that they have purchased diamond stud earrings as birthday gifts for her


THE MVEye’s Birthday Gift-Giving Research Report provides valuable insights into the sentiments, gift preferences, and celebration plans surrounding birthdays. The study’s findings offer a glimpse into the connections between family and friends.

Download a free copy of the full report here.


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