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As one of the Jewellery Exporters’ Association of Turkey’s projects, visitors can view tens of thousands of designs of Turkey’s largest jewellery manufacturers with their professional photographs, access the manufacturer’s contact information and make a live call upon request.

The leading manufactures and exporters of Turkey participated in the project. Professional photographs of tens of thousands of model jewellery of companies were taken. Each jewel was also photographed on the mannequin. Besides, 360-degree videos of each jewel were designed and uploaded to the system.

The President of the Jewellery Exporters’ Association of Turkey Mustafa Kamar expressed his opinions about the project: “Turkey is one of the most important gold jewellery exporters globally. The jewellery produced in Turkey is exported to countries all over the world. After the COVID-19 pandemic, a new era has begun in world trade. B2B commerce has also developed extremely fast. Now companies have learned about the advantages of B2B commerce. Thanks to internet technologies, jewellers and buyers can now make a live call with a company thousands of kilometers away and develop a commercial relationship. Moreover, you do not have to fly long distances and bear high accommodation and travel costs. We think that the internet has started a period that we can define as the “new normal” in international trade.

We have brought together nearly 100 leading jewellery manufacturers in Turkey on a single website. We took professional photos and videos of tens of thousands of model jewelry in just a few months. We uploaded them to website with product information and code numbers. We also entered the detailed information of each company into the system. We reviewed many similar platforms and found that there was no portal with content like TurkishJewellery. org. Wherever you are in the world, you can view tens of thousands of jewels by visiting the B2B portal and contact the manufacturer directly. Alternatively, buyers can display the jewellery online with the live jewellery presentation box J-BOX.

We know that a jewelery company wants to examine the products in detail and to have detailed information about the products.

That’s why we took pictures of each jewel from 2 different angles. Later, we also took pictures on the live manen. In the final stage, we also shot professional videos of each jewellery. Each jewel was given a separate code number and the product information was entered into the system.

In the system, we divided the products into different categories such as gold jewelry, diamond jewelry, mounting, silver jewelry, wedding rings. In this way, buyers can easily find the jewelry they are looking for.

Wherever you are in the world, you can examine tens of thousands of models of jewelry in the system, and if you wish, you can talk to the manufacturer live with the jewelry presentation box J-BOX. Thanks to J-BOX, you can view the jewelery online in high resolution while meeting with the company representative. From this point of view, it is possible to define the TurkishJewellery.Org website as a b2b jewelery market open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


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