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Kuyumcukent Istanbul: One Of The Largest Jewellery Manufacturing Centers of the World

20,000 people work in Kuyumcukent, where 1200 companies operate. The jewellery produced in Kuyumcukent is exported to all over the world.

The Turkish jewelry industry continues to grow. Turkey's jewelry production capacity is also increasing every year. Kuyumcukent Istanbul has become one of the largest jewellery production complexes in the world. 1200 companies operate in a single building and more than 20,000 people work.

The number of foreign companies exceeded 200.

Due to the increase in costs, many companies in Dubai have started to move to Kuyumcukent in İstanbul. The number of foreign companies opened in Kuyumcukent exceeded 200. Kuyumcukent has also become a marketing center in recent years.

1200 producers under the single roof.

Beyond being the production center of Turkish jewellery sector, Kuyumcukent, where nearly 20,000 people are employed in over 1200 producing companies, is one of the world's most important jewellery production centers.

Kuyumcukent Istanbul, one of the world's largest production complexes,

Kuyumcukent Istanbul has giant scale factories, refineries, exchange offices, bullion gold suppliers, mounters, precious stone suppliers, machinery & equipment sellers, software developers and other service providers within itself as well as hundreds of small and medium-sized manufacturers of gold, silver and diamond jewellery.

It is possible to find all kinds of products under one complex

It is a great advantage to find a large number of companies operating in almost every field under the single roof. It is possible to supply all kinds of products, from chain or wedding ring to mounter or full set, from 1200 producers under the single roof.

You can follow the production processes.

It is possible to supply product from many companies in Kuyumcukent. It is possible to have all processes such as design, casting, transfixing, montage, polishing done directly by expert firms. This provides significant cost advantages.

The occupancy rate has reached 100%.

Kuyumcukent complex consists of 2 parts that are workshop block and Shopping Center block. When Workshop Block occupancy rate has reached 100%, wholesale stores and even offices began to open in the Shopping Center, whose project was designed for retail stores.

There is increase in the interest of foreigners

Retail stores across Turkey come to the complex and meet all their needs. However, the sector professionals from abroad have started to prefer the complex lately. Every day, it is possible to see a large number of foreign visitors from all around the world in the complex.

Foreigners establish companies

Turkish jewelry sector started to use the advantages it has especially after positive developments in taxation. This situation has also led to very attractive conditions for foreign companies. Now, many foreign companies have started to operate in Turkey. A significant number of these firms are in Kuyumcukent complex.

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