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Kısmet By Milka X Nike Collaboration

Kismet By Milka organized a design workshop with Nike members last March for International Women's Day. The designs of Nurseli Büber, Zehra Akçay, Sevgi Ecem Özden, İlayda Akdoğan and Pelin Taşkıran, who participated in the design workshop, turned into magnificent accessories with the final touches of the Kısmet by Milka team.

At the end of this process, a 12-piece collection, including pins, brooches, charms and anklets, emerged with the touches of the Kismet by Milka team, with 5 selected designs.

Milka Karaağaçlı, the founder of the Kismet by Milka brand, said the following about the design process: “Our main goal was to transform the drawings made by the members in the workshop into designs that could be easily used in real life, on clothes and shoes. It was an intense work process to transform both brands into technical designs and visually striking accessories to bring both brands together creatively.”

The entire profit from the sale of these unique designs that can be used for adding a personal touch to sneakers and outfits, will be used to support girls’ access to education and sports with the help of ÇYDD.

With limited availability, these designs can only be found in Nike’s Istanbul store located on Istiklal Avenue.


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