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JTR technology has become Turkey's pride...

JTR, Turkey's Jewelry Technology Research Center, has eliminated the industry's dependence on imports by developing new Technologies. In addition to launching the Reveal Diamond Detector , JTR developed companies first Jewelry loupe "Loupe S" in Turkey. These advanced technologies and strong designs developed by JTR will not only reduce the industry's external dependence but also enable it to compete in global markets.

JTR has been providing diamond reports and training to the industry in addition to developing technologies, eliminating the industry's external dependence. JTR, which develops proud technologies for the Turkish Jewelry Industry, has made the Reveal diamond analysis technology superior in global competition by improving its design.

Mehmet Can Özdemir, the Chairman of JTR's Board of Directors, stated that they had developed a product that can compete with the world's best brands in terms of technology. "With the optimizations we made in its software and the updates we made in its mechanical design, Reveal is now available to its new owners," he said.

Another product developed by JTR during this process is the loupe, an essential tool for every jeweler. Özdemir explained Loupe S, stating that they offer a revolutionary jewelry loupe with high-quality optics, durable coating, and ergonomic design. Loupe S meets the expectations of jewelers, gemologists, and other industry professionals. With its innovative optical mechanical design, Loupe S provides crystal-clear images and minimal visual distortion.

With Loupe S's ergonomic design, it provides comfortable and easy use in all kinds of different grips and viewing angles. The innovative design optimizes balance and weight distribution while eliminating fatigue caused by intensive use throughout the day.

The optics in Loupe S are of the highest quality, offering a crystal-clear view with minimal distortion. The space-grade φ21mm triplet with 10X magnification is "like a diamond in the loupe." The triplet has a 20-10 scratch/dig surface quality, similar to "laser optics," making it virtually scratch-resistant. It's also an achromat, meaning it's chromatic aberration-free and provides a wide field of view and high resolution (3-6 USAF Target) on-axis and off-axis. You'll love how easy it is to focus with Loupe S, thanks to its advanced optomechanical design.

Another advantage of Loupe S is its long lifespan. Its reliable and long-lasting coating provides superior protection against corrosion, impact, and scratches. Its matte black coating, preferred in military use of optical materials such as sights and binoculars, eliminates visual distortion caused by light reflection, supporting the optics' image quality.


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