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Jewelers of America (JA) announced the results from the consumer marketing test-campaign that ran in Los Angeles, CA, from September 23 – November 3, 2019. “Another Piece of Your Story” was an industry-wide collaboration to increase consumer desire for jewelry by connecting consumers to the emotional aspects of jewelry ownership. Over 3,000,000 unique consumers were reached during the short, six week test campaign.

“The industry came together and we were able to execute a campaign by the industry, for the industry,” says JA President & CEO David J. Bonaparte. “The success of the test campaign gives us great promise for the future of a national campaign that can do so much for the jewelry industry.”

Jewelers of America hired Cramer-Krasselt (C-K) to create a campaign that focused on female self-purchasers outside of traditional gift giving times. The test campaign media consisted of paid social ads including Facebook and Instagram posts, a rich influencer program and - a website that connects consumers to the stories and jewelry from the campaign as well as connects them with a retail jeweler from which to buy jewelry.

Four LA-based influencers were identified and hired as campaign contributors. Together, they are a diverse group of women who all have a high concentration of the campaign’s target audiences as followers. The influencers each shopped at a retail jeweler and selected jewelry that spoke to them. They shared “Another Piece of Your Story” on their social media accounts as well as on The influencer posts had high positive sentiment and engagement from their followers.

Prior to launch, a pre-campaign survey was conducted in the target market and following the close, another post-campaign survey was completed. Here are some of the metrics and measurements from the effective test campaign:

•28,912,531 impressions from 3,000,000 unique consumers across all media.

•The influencers created 13 pieces of content over the six weeks, generating over 17,500,000 million impressions

•Respondents who saw the ads, visited the website or interacted with influencers were more likely to believe

jewelry becomes more meaningful with wear and believe you should have nice pieces of jewelry.

•18% of visitors to searched for a retailer jeweler - and of those, 27% clicked to link through to a retailer jeweler’s website

•Those exposed to the campaign were 22% more likely to consider purchasing jewelry for themselves than those tht were not exposed to the campaign.

Looking to keep the momentum moving in 2020 JA and has assembled a Consumer Marketing Committee made up of representatives from across the jewelry industry. The Consumer Marketing Committee will work to create a funding mechanism that will support a multi-year, national campaign.

The current Consumer Marketing Committee members include: Sarin Bachman, JCK & Luxury; Katherine Bodoh, American Gem Society; David Bonaparte, Jewelers of America; Gannon Brousseau, Couture; David Bouffard, Signet Jewelers; Caryl Capeci, Chow Tai Fook North America; Kirsten Darrow, Fred Meyer; Dominic Gabriel, Gabriel & Co.; Michael Lerch, GoldStar & Plumb Club; Mark Smelzer, Mark Smelzer; Dominick Sorresso, Rogers Enterprises, Inc. Additionally, the Committee will help move forward the plans to launch in additional markets in 2020.


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