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J-BOX: A new era in jewellery trade

Güncelleme tarihi: 11 Mar 2021

Turkish Jewellery Exporters' Association is launching a new era in the jewellery trade. A special equipment has been developed for the use of jewellery industry professionals only. In the box called J-Box, jewels can be displayed in the most suitable light environment. This image can be delivered to customers in HD quality simultaneously. The buyer, who can examine the jewels in detail, can buy jewellery from thousands of kilometers away.

A successful event was held by J-BOX

Jewellery presentation box J-BOX is used as integrated with the JOIN carried out by the Association of Exporters of Turkey Jewelry. In this way, an extremely successful online activity was realized.

365 days online jewellery sales opportunity

Companies with J-BOX have the opportunity to present their collections to their customers 365 days a year. J-BOX is used by a large number of exporter companies in Turkey. Mass production companies has already started using J-BOX due to the high demand.

Retail stores also started to use

J-BOX began to be used by manufacturers in Turkey. However, many retail stores have also started using J-BOX. Retailers especially prefer to use J-BOX to offer special collections to their special customers.

"We plan to sell J-BOX to jewelers all over the world"

The Chairman of Turkish Jewellery Exporters' Association, Mustafa Kamar declared about J-BOX; "During the Covid-19 period, travels were restricted, fairs were canceled. Therefore, the jewelry trade has also affected extremely negatively. We tried to turn this negative situation into an opportunity instead of waiting. After our intense negotiations, we developed the 'jewellery presentation box J-BOX' to be used by jewellery industry professionals. In this box, we can display the jewels under the most suitable light. We can simultaneously deliver this image in HD quality to the customer with whom we are talking over the internet. We receive requests from outside of Turkey for J-BOX. We plan to sell this equipment to jewelers around the world."


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