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Güncelleme tarihi: 21 Kas 2023

Istanbul Jewelry Show, organized by Informa Markets with the sponsorship of Elmas Kule, gathered the world's jewelry industry for the 54th time on October 5-8. Held twice a year and contributing to exports, this year's exhibition has broken new records by hosting the largest October exhibition in terms of the number of exhibitors, exhibition area, and the number of visitors. Products and services by over 1,000 companies and brands were presented to more than 26,000 industrial professionals from 136 different countries. Forty percent of the visitors were international buyers. Interaction and the flow of information were achieved in the industry through simultaneous events, panels, and meetings. Istanbul Jewelry Show will take the pulse of the industry again on April 17-20, 2024.

Recognized as one of the top five jewelry exhibitions in the world, Istanbul Jewelry Show was held by Informa Markets and sponsored by Elmas Kule for the 54th time on October 5-8, 2023, at Istanbul Expo Center. The exhibition, showcasing products and services by over 1,000 companies and brands to more than 26,000 visitors from 136 different countries, not only provided networking opportunities through meetings but also offered an unprecedented exchange of information through simultaneously organized events.

Held twice a year, this exhibition hosted the largest October exhibition organized to date. The exhibition broke a record in both the extent of the exhibition area and exhibitors and the number of visitors. A 38% increase was observed in the number of visitors arriving from Southern American countries, 31% from North American countries, including the United States of America, and 10% from Asian countries when compared to October 2022.

Model Kuyum Merkezi was the Buyers Lounge sponsor of Istanbul Jewelry Show, which hosted a wide range of product groups such as gold, jewelry, diamond, colored stone, precious stone and semi-precious stone, pearl, silver, silver jewelry and household goods, gold mounting, refinery, watches, molds, window dressing, machinery-equipment and sub-industry, cash register, software, logistics, and lighting.

Turkish Jewellery Exporters' Association hosted nearly 1,000 buyers in the buyer delegation event.

In the foreign buyer delegation event organized by the Jewelry Exporters' Association, around 1,000 jewelry industry professionals from all around the world were hosted in 5-star hotels in Istanbul. Guests benefited from complimentary accommodation during the Istanbul Jewelry Show. The next buyer delegation event will take place between April 17-20, 2024. To stay updated on developments and take advantage of the opportunity provided by the Jewelry Exporters' Association, you can follow updates at

Jewelry Industry Addressed from Different Perspectives

Istanbul Jewelry Show, which gathered the world's jewelry industry on a single platform for 4 days, got high credit not only for its products and services but also for the events that enabled the flow of information into the industry. As a point where art and jewelry met at the exhibition, “Art for Jewellery – Inspiration Hub,” brought together classic cars, which are iconic designs of an era, with artificial intelligence under the name of "Timeless Elegance - Sources of Inspiration from Classic to Artificial Intelligence."

The show hosted seminars with the participation of significant names. Accordingly, a session titled "Secrets to Success in Social Media and Digitalization in the Jewelry Industry" was held on the first day of the exhibition, with the participation of global jewelry influencers. While the effects of social media on the jewelry industry were discussed in-depth, some key information was shared with those intending to expand their business on the digital platform.

A seminar determining the industrial trends was held on the second day of the exhibition. Seden Ünlü, Account Manager of WGSN Türkiye, was the speaker at the seminar where visitors and exhibitors who wanted to be prepared for the new season gained critical insights on consumer behavior preferences.

On the third day of the exhibition, to support the sustainability of the jewelry industry and raise awareness, Melanie Grant, the Executive Director of the Responsible Jewelry Council, and Esther Ligthart, the jewelry blogger and journalist, participated in the seminar themed ''Why Sustainability is Vital in Jewelry?''

While the companies that had the highest volume of export in 2022 received their awards during the Leaders of Export Award Ceremony at the opening of the exhibition, awards of the winners of the Jewelry Design Contest, organized for the 13th time this year by the Jewellery Exporters’ Association, were presented on the third day of the exhibition.

Moreover, with the Designer Club, a joint project by the Turkish Jewellery Exporters’ Association and Istanbul Jewelry Show, jewelry designers and masters exhibited their designs and jewelries on a special stand.

"Proud of the Exhibition's Contribution to the Industry"

Noting that they successfully completed another exhibition where they contributed to global export and the national economy through mutual business meetings and agreements, Şermin Cengiz, Founding Partner of Istanbul Jewelry Show, added, "The world's jewelry industry gathered, once again, in Istanbul that is the diamond of the world's eyes, for the 54th time. This has been the largest October exhibition with the highest number of exhibitors and visitors until today.

Jewelry occupies an important position both for its aesthetic value and economic value. The share rate Türkiye takes from this industry rises with each passing day. Exhibitions are the places where the pulse of trade is taken. We are proud that our exhibition grows in both quality and quantity, thus contributing to the industry by expanding it into new areas. Next year, our exhibition will take place in April, for the first time, from April 17 to 20, 2024. Additionally, our exhibition will start on Wednesday and end on Saturday, again for the first time."

Sustainability is a Part of the Exhibition

With the awareness that sustainability becomes increasingly more important for the industry as a whole, including both exhibitors and visitors, Istanbul Jewelry Show assumes a number of responsibilities with a view to improving social, environmental, and economic effects. In order to reduce carbon emissions as part of the exhibition, several green actions were taken such as reducing printed materials, recycling name tags and exhibition carpets, ensuring electricity saving by using LED technology, conducting visitor surveys via tablet computers to reduce paper usage, and transportation of exhibitors and visitors to the exhibition area by means of public transportation to minimize CO2 emissions.

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