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Is Revamping Your Website on Your To-Do List for 2022?

Optimize your digital presence to drive online sales.

Independent jewelers face strong competition from online retailers, yet they have a distinct advantage. Today’s socially conscious consumers like to support local businesses and want to know exactly where their diamonds are sourced. They also desire a personalized experience.

The emerging lab grown diamonds are appealing to a growing population. Customers tend to have a smaller budget but want larger diamonds for their money, are concerned about the sourcing of the diamond, and may not be as attached to the aura of a million year old diamond. Customers want to view what their options are between lab created and natural, they want to gain on-line knowledge before coming into your store.

2022, is the time to revamp the website you have been yearning to do all year. Brick and mortar jewelers can maximize the benefits of both online sales and a physical presence by creating an effective website. By optimizing your online presence, you can create a personal connection with shoppers that will bring them back again and again for each special occasion, life milestone, and routine cleanings and repairs.

The key is to build a website that captures attention, generates trust, and puts you in close contact with each visitor. Here are three ways to turn your website into a powerful sales tool.

Three Features of Effective Websites

1. Give Crystal-Clear Calls to Action

Make sure each page of your website drives visitors to take one specific action. The call to action could be “Subscribe to our e-newsletter,” “Search our inventory,” or “Schedule your cleaning today!” Just avoid cluttering a single page with too many requests, or visitors are less likely to take any action at all.

2. Use Engaging Visuals

High quality images, video, and virtual reality are among the most effective ways to hold attention and convey the value of your inventory. GN Diamond’s Diamond Hunt search platform provides 360-degree magnified diamond imaging for your entire loose diamond inventory, so the visual side of your website is fully taken care of.

3. Capture Contact Information

Don’t let visitors leave without providing an email address or cell phone number. This contact information is a valuable asset to your sales team, who will then be able to follow up with more personalized and timely offers. Use pop-ups to grab attention and make it easy to enter contact information by keeping forms simple and direct.

Easily Upgrade Your Site with Diamond Hunt

GN Diamond’s Diamond Hunt website sales presentation platform can be customized to your branding and markups, and seamlessly integrated with your website. Add a diamond listing to your website that outshines any internet retailer with powerful features, such as diamond certification, light performance, brilliancy scores, and 360-degree video.

Visit and contact us today to learn how to add a virtual listing of our entire inventory with your customized markups. Sales representatives are available 7 days a week at


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