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The mythical, majestic land, rich with vast terrain and a diversity of cultures; Africa, beautiful yet unappreciated… Kismet by Milka has taken matters into their own hands. Within their upcoming collection, they’ve decided to represent this fascinating land. The long journey of the Kismet by Milka woman has finally come to safe harbor. After the victories she has won, the battles she has fought, she has now proven her power and it’s her time to re connect with her inner self, return to her ‘‘Inner Land’’. In light of this motto, the upcoming collection ‘‘Inner Land’’ is right around the corner …

As one of the aspects of the newest collection, animal figurines and their spiritual backgrounds take center stage. The collection in the making will feature detailed ornamentation, different textures, and nature inspired figurines alongside a new take on chains. While keeping the classic dainty nature Kismet by Milka has offered for years, this collection will also be showcasing a number of pieces that are more structural and sculptural. The current jewelry trend is all about opulence, in other words, the bigger the better. Don’t expect to see classically dainty jewelry take center stage. Instead, statement earrings are making a comeback. Additionally, tiaras and headpieces are making a comeback as well. In light of current trends, Kismet by Milka has expanded its palette. Diversity is in the core of the new collection. The harmony of symmetry and disorder can be seen in the newest collection, just like the attitude of the 21st century woman. Statement earrings combined with dainty pieces, asymmetrical lines, shapes and sizes are also highlights of the upcoming collection. A woman might have a calm misdemeanor but might want to carry an extravagant piece on her body, or it might be the exact opposite. Kismet by Milka aims to emphasize this binary.


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