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Accelerating consumer-oriented certificate advertisings, the institution also takes its place beside the industry with the Trust App application, which will break new ground in retailing, and its renewed trainings.

HRD Antwerp, which was established in Belgium in 1973 to organize the activities of the diamond sector and to make the best use of these activities, combines its projects and activities in the Turkish market with its nearly six centuries of experience in the diamond trade, to the benefit of the sector. HRD Antwerp blends its sophisticated equipment with its 600-year-old traditions and ensures safe trade through the certificates institution prepares.

Sponsoring the Istanbul Jewelry Show, one of the most important jewelry fairs in the world, HRD Antwerp continues its activities with advertisings that raise awareness of the consumers in order to protect the prestige of the industry. At the same time, it continues to work in jewelry merchandising with its respected, trust-based and contemporary technological applications and trainings.

In its advertisements, the institution emphasizes that consumers should be asked for the HRD Antwerp certificate, which is an impartial international institution, so that they can be sure of the jewelry they buy.

At the same time, it continues to raise awareness of the consumer on unknown or misunderstood issues such as baguette diamonds are also certified, multi-stone jewelry such as tennis bracelet is given a single jewelry certificate etc. The results of these studies are now obtained with the intense demand for certificates coming directly from the consumer.

HRD Antwerp maintains its innovative position with its retail sales certificate programs, the content of which is constantly updated, in addition to diamond and colored stone trainings, which are symbols of worldwide prestige. While improving the sales competencies of store employees, it enables them to reach excellence in sales with the program that includes listening for sales, receiving purchase messages, storytelling, and closing with sales messages.

HRD Antwerp’ Head of Learning and Development, who has been serving high-level companies for many years on the creation of personal development, coaching, manager training programs and trainings for employees and managers, has experience in stress management, sales, sales coaching, problem solving & decision making, persuasion and conflict management, teamwork. This experience ensures that the trainings take on an unusual identity.

Trust App; revolution in jewelry sales

TrustApp, which has been developed specifically for our industry and can be used easily from tablets, is fed by both technical and sales arguments and is constantly developed. It is the biggest assistant of sales consultants at every stage of the sales process.

Proceeding its innovative projects in the wholesale and retail jewelry industry, HRD Antwerp continues to make the process transparent by strengthening the bond of trust between buyers and sellers in the jewelry industry. At the same time, it supports retailers at every stage of the jewelry sales process, and the Trust App, which is prepared to ensure this, is an innovative application developed to make sales more effective, easier and safer.

It provides an interactive way of explaining diamonds and jewels from the beginning of the sales process, allows technical comparisons to be presented easily, and can guide customers according to their needs, on the tablet. Even if customers have no knowledge about diamonds, sharing practical information provided with TrustApp simplifies and speeds up the sales process.


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