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Yellow diamonds conjure the sun’s rays; pure joy emanates from their bright depths. Graff is renowned for yellow diamonds, with a legacy of cutting and polishing many of the world’s most important and rare yellow jewels. Yellow diamonds can be discovered at all of Graff’s stores, bringing a scintillating symbol for happiness to each corner of the globe.

Precious Colour

Coloured diamonds are enormously rare, and Graff endeavours to discover the rarest of all – those displaying remarkably vibrant, Fancy Vivid hues. Our full spectrum of yellow diamonds, from delicate, pale shades to the boldest and brightest stones are often set with pure white diamonds to optimise their vivacious personalities.

Sumptuous Shades

Cutting and polishing our own diamonds allows us to harness the inner potential of every jewel, perfectly crafting each yellow diamond in order to optimise its depth of colour and blazing scintillation. Yellow diamonds reflect all yellow light because of the nitrogen they contain, and our craftsmen ensure that each cut enhances this radiance.

Artistic Wonder

Due to their rarity and splendour, yellow diamonds are the focal point of the designs within which they are set, and our designers work tirelessly to ensure that each piece showcases their remarkable beauty. Each design is beautifully painted to ensure the perfect balance between colour, symmetry and proportion.

Masters at Work

Our London workshop is a hive of activity, comprising master craftsmen with differing disciplines ranging from gem-setting to goldsmithing. Our yellow diamonds are always cradled within yellow gold settings to complement their rich honeyed hues.


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