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The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is set to close its operations in Dubai. According to sources, the GIA is making the move to ensure they use their resources as effectively as possible to fulfil their consumer protection mission, and will close its Dubai office by the end of the year. The renowned diamond grading and certification lab most recently started operations at a new facility in Antwerp.

“The hard decision to close the Dubai operations was made to align GIA’s resources with our mission,” said Nirupa Bhatt, Managing Director, GIA India & Middle East. “Laboratory clients who have previously used the take-in facility in Dubai may submit stones to any other GIA laboratory or take-in facility. The Dubai school location will continue to operate through Dec. 31, 2019. We are committed to fulfilling our obligations to our students and will continue to provide quality educational services during this closure period.” Students who wish to continue their GIA education or need to complete required lab classes within a credentialed distance education program may enroll through another GIA global location.

In the midst of market volatility, Bhatt says that the GIA remains focused on its mission: “The industry has been through many cyclical ups and downs, and throughout such periods - whether in the past or present - the GIA has always remained focus on its mission to ensure the public trust in gems and jewelry. The decision to close the Dubai location is to help the Institute align its resources to fulfil and further the mission.” In addition to opening a new lab in Antwerp, the GIA has expanded its operations in Hong Kong.


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