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GemFind Launches Virtual Try-On Feature On RingBuilder App

The app enables customers design and Virtually Try-On engagement rings.

GemFind Digital Solutions announces that independent jewelers looking to improve the shopping process for customers on their websites, can turn to its RingBuilder App with the Virtual Try-On feature, to treat them to an amazing experience.

The company says it has recently equipped its RingBuilder app with the browser based Virtual Try-On feature, to allow customers to get a sense of how the rings they’ve designed would look on their fingers, even before they complete the purchase.

GemFind believes this will greatly improve the customers’ ability to make a more informed decision on choosing the right product with the perfect fit.

Normally, with the RingBuilder app, customers have complete control and freedom to design their engagement rings directly from the store’s website. The functionality allows them to place different center diamonds on various settings with different colors until they find a combination that matches their preference.

The Virtual Try-On feature intends to take the experience a step further, by making it possible for them to also virtually try on the different combinations to see just how pretty the rings look on their fingers.

According to GemFind, this feature undoubtedly improves the purchasing process and will help independent jewelers compete favorably with large brands, by offering potential clients the same interactive experience they find only at physical stores.

GemFind says it remains committed to fostering greater interactivity with integrated apps to help businesses improve their online sales process, and also afford customers all the perks and advantages of purchasing from a physical store, through their mobile devices.

“We are excited to launch this tool for the coming holiday season. We believe now more than ever, that more customers will be shopping online and the goal of any online business should be to invest in tools that can improve the shopping experience on their websites and if possible, make customers even forget that they’re shopping through their smart devices. And that’s exactly what the Virtual Try-On on the RingBuilder app does” said Alex Fetanat, CEO and founder of GemFind.


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