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GD Land builds new jewellery and gem hub in China

Protecting the environment, enhancing traceability and ensuring the wellbeing of workers – these are some of the sustainable goals that Guangdong Land (Shenzhen) Ltd or GD Land aims to address as it builds GD Land City, the group’s flagship project in Luohu, Shenzhen.

GD Land believes that this modern piece of real estate and commercial development can contribute to China’s burgeoning jewellery industry and its collective journey towards sustainability.

Rising within the Shuibei yellow gold jewellery commercial district, GD Land City includes two Grade-A office buildings, residential apartments and a shopping centre, among others.

The residential apartments are slated for completion this August. Shopping centre Teemall is currently recruiting tenants for its first branch in Shenzhen, ahead of the opening of its north wing in the second quarter of 2022. The T2 office building, which is currently seeking buyers for its units, will be ready for occupancy in March 2023. T1, which will rent out office space, will follow at a later date.

A brewery and arts district is also being developed as another hotspot for Shenzhen’s Luohu district.

GD Land City is positioned as a strategic hub for Shenzhen’s jewellery and gem sector. It will enable industry players in different segments of the jewellery pipeline to operate in the same space and form a community, supported by services available for the trade.

At the heart of the project is the T2 office building, which is ideal for corporations’ headquarters in China’s jewellery manufacturing centre. Aside from housing the Shanghai Diamond Exchange’s only diamond trading platform in South China, the building will provide support services to the yellow gold industry and accommodate jewellery businesses and clients from other industries.

“Luohu aims to further promote the yellow gold jewellery industry by setting standards for digitisation and industry development, and by protecting intellectual property rights. We hope that with this project, we can help jewellers realise these targets in the coming years,” said GD Land.

These objectives likewise align with the group’s constant pursuit of innovative approaches to sustainability in the jewellery and gemstone trade.

In recent years, the jewellery and gemstone industry has made concerted efforts to institute sustainable practices throughout the pipeline – from mining and polishing to manufacturing and beyond. This growing commitment to sustainability, particularly in China’s jewellery sector, is reflected in the achievements of past Honourees and Recipients of Jewellery World Awards (JWA), which include several companies and individuals from Shenzhen.

An Honoured Partner of JWA since 2014, GD Land strives to find a middle ground between the environment and architecture when it designs and builds its projects. It also incorporates energy-saving elements and creates spaces with various functions, such as rooftop gardens and industrial heritage sites, to complete its harmonious, multi-functional communities.

GD Land shared, “We are now applying for the LEED Gold certification for the T2 Grade-A office building of GD Land City. We have observed all the requirements for green buildings during construction, in order to meet our goals of saving energy and reducing waste, creating eco-friendly offices, and focusing on the integration of people and nature.”

The group is also working with the Shanghai Diamond Exchange to jointly promote the sustainable development of the country’s jewellery and diamond industry.

GD Land’s commitment to sustainability befits its stature as an Honoured Partner of JWA, the only international business award for the jewellery industry. The awards programme aims to honour trailblazers and leaders of the global trade, regardless of their business scale, segment or location.

This year’s awards programme will culminate in the JWA Ceremony and Gala Dinner, which will adopt a hybrid format. JWA 2021 is supported by Headline Partners Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group and Shanghai Diamond Exchange alongside Honoured Partners KGK Group and Guangdong Land (Shenzhen) Ltd.


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