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Enjoy And Be Inspired By The Mesmerising Visual FeastAt Istanbul Jewelry Show

"Art for Jewellery: Inspiration Hub" is a lively event and exhibition space at the Istanbul Jewelry Show that focuses on the inspiring aspect of art.

The "Jewel's Time Warp" 3D mapping show in the event area, tells the story of the jewelry in the civilization adventure that began 12,000 years ago with Gobeklitepe.

The "Art for Jewellery: Inspiration Hub" event at the Istanbul Jewelry Show was projected by jewellery consultant Aylin Gozen and the founder of the Lion Diamond, Oznur Yakin, with the support of the Jewellery Exporters' Association and the Istanbul Jewelry Show. Mioro and Sina Diamond are the project's initial sponsors.

The event's goal is to explore and widen the impact of art and artistic works on the jewellery business, with the justification that they provide fresh perspectives and a new way of seeing the world.

The Hub, which will allow interaction between designers and artists in the world and Turkey, aims to contribute to the art and artists in the jewellery industry by developing different projects. Each day, panels will be organized to enhance the event.

Burak Yakin, President of the Jewelry Exporters' Association, said; "We consider this series of events as one of the crucial stages for the industry's branding, which will expose that jewelry is not simply a luxury consumer good and underline that it is an important part of our history and culture."

The project's creators, Aylin Gözen and Oznur Yakın, claimed that the "Jewelry Time Tunnel - Jewels Time Warp" project was an important first step in producing high quality content that the business requires.

"We would like to thank the Jewelery Exporters' Association in advance for their initial support of the project, as well as our sponsors who have explained their support to us and who will continue to do so. They will quickly improve public impression of our jewelry sector, boost its profitability, and spur the development of highly lucrative new projects as a result.

At the event, which will also feature an impressive art exhibition, "Jewel's Time Warp," a 5-minute visual feast made with 3D mapping, will tell the story of jewelry in Turkey from its first discoveries to the present day.


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