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Dior's Unveils Rosedior Jewelry Collection

The House's Latest High Jewelry Line Takes Inspiration From Monsieur Dior's Love Of Florals

Forget fresh cut roses from the garden, Christian Dior's releasing a wearable bouquet of diamond, sapphire, and precious stone encrusted pieces. Titled RoseDior, this high jewelry line of fifty-four figurative pieces, is dedicated to the one and only Monsieur Dior in honor of his favorite flower.

Of course, this wouldn't be the first time the Maison has plucked inspiration from the garden. Ten years ago the Bal des Roses line reimagined blooms, buds, and thorns into wondrous rose rings, earrings, and necklaces all intricately decorated with gems. This new collection takes that same motif of flowers inherent to the house Dior and elevates it.

Including luxury timepieces, necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets, this extensive collection ranges from a bud picked in the morning to petals blossoming in the evening. A detachable rose brooch sits a top a rose gold necklace with yellow gold leaves, pink sapphire petals shaped in a bloom gracefully rotate to conceal a secret watch, bracelets are fashioned in textured gold giving the aura of real plants, and a white-gold stemmed necklace sprinkled in briolette-cut diamond dewdrops holds a tourmaline, sapphire rose weighing over eight carats. Now that's one garden we wouldn't mind tending to.

Victoire de Castellane, Creative Director of Fine Jewelry at Christian Dior and mastermind behind both Bal des Roses and the new reiteration RoseDior, is widely acknowledged for being able to combine the natural and fantastical worlds within her intricate designs. De Castellane is noted saying, "I can't get attached to something that dies so quickly, so I make flowers that last forever." In turn we are graced with rosy pieces rooted in duality and glamour. Delicate hues and flexible shapes reminiscent of real flowers combat chunky stones and bold baguette diamonds — leaving us with a bouquet anybody would be lucky to get their hands on.


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