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Victoria Bonya is the new face and guest designer for Roberto Bravo

Roberto Bravo jewellery creates “unique feeling” by inspiring designs..

The jewellery passion of Kamar family which starts at 1948 and continues for 3 generations, was transformed into ROBERTO BRAVO brand by the vision of expanding to the world.

ROBERTO BRAVO was commenced its activities in Arezzo town of Italy in 1998, which is the world’s gold design and production center, then moved its office to Corso Palladio, Vicenza in 2008. The Company which operates in retail, production and export areas until 1997, started to attempt on the way of becoming a global brand. Roberto Bravo has a headquarter in İstanbul, 2 management offices in Vicenza and Moscow, has multiple design and production facilities in Turkey, Italy and Korea.

Today, the brand is setting worldwide jewellery trends through Contemporary Lines, High Technology, Extraordinary designs, Craftmanship Mastery, Expressive Collections, Wide Range of Products; having many surprises inside, is full with aesthetic and mysterious lines. It offers daring and creative approach through extraordinary collections introduces jewellery enthusiast into luminous, fascinating and magic world of gold, diamond and enamel.


Blue diamonds are one of the world’s most prestigious and rare treasures. The underlying charm of these fabulous gems is enhanced by light effects and refraction. A butterfly rests lightly on a necklace made of white gold and blue diamonds..

A charming star shaped blue diamond bracelet induce us to read the meaning of stars, and reveal their mysteries.


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