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Chopard’s Dancing Diamonds Spin Round and Round in a Celebration of Femininity

Of every shape known to mankind, there may not be anything quite as perfect as the circle. The infinite curve glides effortlessly around without entry or exit. No harsh edges break the circumference as it draws on apace and travels round and around eliciting unending energy, completion, and femininity. It celebrates a woman’s curves, relishes in her softness, and rejoices in frivolity. There is no beginning and there is no end; there just is.

In Chopard‘s latest collection, ‘Happy Spirit’, the Maison has taken the shape’s perfection and created a dance of diamonds in the heart of three concentric circles. As each sphere enrings the diamonds, the movement with which they play together carries with it a joyful celebration of endless merriment. The mesmerizing choreography creates a piece that is at once triumphant and coy, confident and steadfast, sensual and pure, eternal and ethereal.

Chopard’s ‘Happy Spirit’ brings into physical form the jubilant talismans perfect for the woman full of possibilities. The collection consists of necklaces and pendants in varying sizes of one to three dancing diamonds resting in a nest of concentric circles. Ear studs, a pair of sleeper earrings, as well as rings and bangles, round out the collection perfect for enhancing a daytime, casual chic ensemble or a full-length evening gown for a night at the opera. In line with the Maison Chopard’s commitment to sourcing ethical gold, each piece is made of 18-carat ethical diamond-set white gold or two-tone polished rose and white gold.

The Chopard ‘Happy Spirit’ collection’s enchanting elegance and joyful personality make the perfect gift for the woman in your life who brings you unrelenting happiness, steadfast love, and a levity of spirit that endures even the worst of years. We could all use a little Happy Spirit.

Photo: Courtesy of Chopard


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