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Burak Yakın, The New Chairman Of Turkish Jewellery Exporters' Association

Güncelleme tarihi: 9 May 2022

CEO of Nadir Metal Refinery Burak Yakın was elected as the new chairman at the General Assembly of the Turkish Jewellery Exporters' Association.

The General Assembly of the Turkish Jewelery Exporters' Association for 2021 was held at the Foreign Trade Assembly in Istanbul. Former chairman Mustafa Kamar received 327 votes in the election. Burak Yakin, who received 418 votes, was elected as the new chairman.

The first person to congratulate Burak Yakın after the election was former chairman Mustafa Kamar. Stating that he is a presidential candidate to act together with all the companies of the Turkish jewelry industry, Burak Yakin said that they will carry the jewelry industry to the future with new projects.


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