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Asean Gems & Jewellery Association Conference 2019

Within the frame of cooperaton with ASEAN, Jewelry Exporters’ Association represents the Turkish jewelry sector by joining “ASEAN Gem & Jewellery Summit” every year, which is participated by the member states with the attendance of the each president of the member jewelry association.

With its official name “ASEAN Gems & Jewellery Association Conference” which held for the 7th time in China takes place this year in Istanbul between 8-12 October.

The aim of the conference is to carry on studies and make cooperation between Gem & Jewellery Association in the ASEAN region, both members and non-member countries of ASEAN (Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Turkey), countries which are dialogue partners (USA, EU, Canada, Russia), and which are in sectorial dialogue with (Switzerland, Norway, Pakistan), and other association members of countries.

The further aims are continue as such; the representatives of all countries in this ecosystem sharing of their experiences, eliminating the difficulties in business consisting of import and export regimes on a country basis, positioning the Gem and Jewellery industry to a better place. With the synergy created through this organization that will take place in Istanbul, our main goal is to provide international promotion and sustainable increase in jewelry export of Turkey.

Among which are the presidents of the ASEAN member states, sectoral dialogue partners of the 45 countries and the most important importers; a total of 235 people are expected to participate in the ASEAN Gems & Jewellery Accociation Summit which is planned to be hosted by our Association between 8 October 2019 - 12 October 2019.

With 2.899.660 million dollar GDP that they have created and their total 647.744.000 population, ASEAN countries give our export sector an oppurtunity of market diversity.

When we examine the countries that we intend to host in our country within the frame of 2019 Gems & Jewellery Association Conference, the following information comes to the forefront: They

· Get a 90% share from 19 trillion dollar world import (17 trillion).

· Followed by 7113 CTSP, get a 96% (86 million) share from total 88 billion dollar World Import of 2018, and get a 97% share (107 million) in total 110 million dollar World Export.

· In the total 168 million export of our country, they get a 90% share with 151 million dollars. And in our 4,4 million dollar export to relevant countries, they make up %90 share with 4 million dollars.


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