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Güncelleme tarihi: 14 Kas 2023

The global jewelry industry convened in Istanbul for the 54th edition of the Istanbul Jewelry Show, where the fair, showcasing exquisite gems, played a pivotal role in shaping the sector through its concurrently held events. Within the framework of the "Art For Jewelry - Inspiration Hub" event, a seminar titled "2024 Trends" shed light on the evolving landscape.

Jewelry Industry Addressed from Different Perspectives Istanbul Jewelry Show, which gathered the world's jewelry industry on a single platform for 4 days, got high credit not only for its products and services, but also for the events that enabled flow of information into the industry. As a point where art and jewelrymet at the exhibition, “Art for Jewellery – Inspiration Hub”, brought together classic cars, which are iconicdesigns of an era, with artificial intelligence under the name of "Timeless Elegance - Sources of Inspiration from Classicto Artificial Intelligence".

The show hosted seminars with the participation of significant names. Accordingly, a session titled "Secrets to Success in Social Media and Digitalization in the Jewelry Industry" was held on the first day of the exhibition, with the participation of global jewelry influencers. While the effects of social media on the jewelry industry were discussed in depth, some key information was shared with those intending to expand their businesson digital platform.

A seminar determining the industrial trendswas held on the secondday of the exhibition. SedenÜnlü, Account Manager of WGSN Türkiye, was the speaker at the seminar where visitors and exhibitors who wanted to be preparedfor the new season gained critical insightson the consumer behavior preferences.

On the third day of the exhibition, to support sustainability of the jewelry industry and raise awareness, Melanie Grant that is the Executive Director of Responsible Jewelry Council and Esther Ligthart that is jewelry blogger and journalist participated the seminar themed ''Why Sustainability is Vital in Jewelry?''.

Augmented Reality's Impact on the Jewelry Sector During the seminar, WGSN Turkey Sales Manager Seden Ünlü shared valuable insights into consumer behavior preferences for the upcoming season. Emphasizing the global prominence of sustainability, Ünlü highlighted that Generation Z views jewelry as an investment, placing significant importance on stones sourced from sustainable materials. Moreover, augmented reality (AR) is making a notable impact on the industry, as an increasing number of individuals research and purchase wedding rings, watches, and precious jewelry online. Consequently, jewelry brands are leveraging AR systems to portray an authentic representation of their products in the virtual environment.

The Golden Age of Earrings Anticipating a shift from the "less is more" mantra to a "more is more" approach in the upcoming season, Ünlü introduced the "Protect and Connect Theme" as a prominent trend for 2024. This theme, characterized by a blend of nostalgia, fun, minimalism, and luxury, is expected to capture attention. Other noteworthy themes for the season include "Sensescapes," which digitizes nature, and "Creative Trust," focused on personification.

Earrings are predicted to experience a golden age, becoming a key trend in the upcoming season. The overarching theme for wrist accessories is versatility. Within the realm of personalization, charms are set to take center stage. The season will also witness a fusion of 90s minimalism and 2000s pop/punk aesthetics. For men's jewelry, chain fashion, earring sets, cuffs, piercings, and motif/charm necklaces are projected to stand out.


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