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The "Art for Jewelery: Inspiration Hub" event, created by Jewellery Brand Consultant Aylin Gözen and Lion Diamond founder Öznur Yakin with the help of the Jewellery Exporters' Association and the Istanbul Jewelry Show, is being reorganised in the main foyer of the Istanbul Jewelry Show, which will take place from March 16 to 19.

In addition to Mioro, Nadir Metal, and Sina Diamond, the project's main sponsors, other sponsors include Çilek Concept, So Chic Diamond, Fiore D'oro, Lion Diamond, Milagro, and Vav Diamond are going to promote our jewellery with its cultural and artistic structure all over the world.

The "Art for Jewelery - Inspiration Hub," which was first organised at the October Show and drew a lot of attention with its seminars and events on various topics and with different guests, is being rearranged in the main foyer at the Istanbul Jewelry Show, which will be held from March 16 to 19.

Actually, "Art for Jewelery - Inspiration Hub" is a cultural and artistic movement that began beyond an event in the jewellery industry. The lively event and exhibition space, located in the main foyer, focuses on the inspiring aspect of art as well as our country's jewellery history and culture. The "Jewel's Time Warp" installation, located at the area's entrance, summarises the story of jewellery and jewelery in the civilization adventure that began 12 thousand years ago in Anatolia. This brief exhibition, the foundations of which were laid with the first works in 2009, is named after the first "Time Tunnel" exhibition held at the 2010 jewellery fair. The works that have continued over the years continue to develop and appear on international platforms, taking their final form with the culture and art movement and its related activities under the name of "Art for Jewelery - Inspiration Hub".

It will contribute to the branding of the industry

Burak Yakin, President of the Jewelry Exporters' Association, stated that the events demonstrated that jewellery is not only a luxury consumer product, but also an important part of our history and culture, and that they see all of these activities as a critical step in the industry's branding.

The project's designers, Aylin Gözen and Öznur Yakin, stated that they believe the "Jewels Time Warp" project in the event area contributes to the production of quality content required by the business. "Our sponsors have made significant contributions to the branding and differentiation of our jewelry's image around the world and in the public eye. With this project, we hope to contribute to the branding of the sector in exports by differentiating its image, increasing profitability and attracting buyers' attention."


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