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Ana de Armas Dazzles in Chopard Diamonds for Latest James Bond Movie, “No Time to Die ”

The world of James Bond is as synonymous with suspense as it is with material splendor. From bespoke Aston Martin supercars to Omega watches to faraway, moneyed locales (Monaco! Azerbaijan!), few Hollywood figures blend sumptuous luxury and saving lives quite like this MI6 mega-spy.

Yet, in tandem, for the women of the James Bond franchise, extravagance has also played an essential role. It’s all part of the glamour and the fun. Recall Sophie Marceau’s Elektra King betting a cool €1,000,000 at a casino table, and nonchalantly losing, in The World is Not Enough. Or Eva Green’s Vesper Lynd, in both Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, sporting a silver and gold “Algerian Love Knot” necklace from the designer Sophie Harley. Or Halle Berry’s Jinx, alighting on a beach in Cuba while wearing an iconic tangerine bikini courtesy of the luxe maillot maker Eres.

Another chapter of opulence is about to be unveiled with the premiere of the latest Bond flick, No Time to Die (arriving in U.S. theaters on October 8), in which the Natural Diamond Council’s For Moments Like No Other campaign star, Ana de Armas, plays the American intelligence operative Paloma. In the film, de Armas is seen wearing specialized diamonds from Chopard, the Swiss luxury watch, jewelry and accessory label dating back to 1860.

De Armas’ standout Chopard pieces—which can be viewed in the exclusive video clip, above—include an undulating necklace featuring a number of stone cuts (including baguette and teardrop), modified (and quite grand) diamond hoop earrings, and a show stopping bracelet with alternating extensions of diamond strips, creating a flame-like effect of brilliance, motion and resplendence.

The actress’ No Time to Die jewelry complements the pieces on view in the Natural Diamond Council’s latest campaign, which was shot in Mallorca, Spain this past summer and which debuted worldwide in early September. A number of jewelry houses are featured in the project, yet, most prominently, Malyia McNaughton’s creations play a central role. McNaughton and her line, Made by Malyia, participated in the NDC’s inaugural Emerging Designers Design Initiative. This platform helps BIPOC jewelry esigners with the removal of barriers to entry into the diamond industry, while also offering unparalleled access to education and resources around the world of this particular stone.

Akin to de Armas’ onscreen jewelry , McNaughton’s designs follow a similarly singular line of elegance; they draw the eye up, down, and around torquing loops, delicately compres- sed Cuban links, and kinetic, fountain-like diamond drops.


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