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Aida Bergsen Nişantaşı: The Showroom Reflecting the Dream World of Jewellery Designs

Aida Bergsen's new store reflecting the dream world of jewellery designs has opened in Nişantaşı, Istanbul.

Aida Bergsen, the jewellery designer who transforms the people who wear her jewelleries to a dream based on the vision of history, invites design enthusiasts with the new Showroom store opened in Nişantası.

Aida Bergsen, who started his sculptural journey with his designs in 2000, developed the concept of body sculptures by positioning man as a link between jewelry and sculpture. Reflecting the integrity of her jewellery adventure approaching its 20th year, as being the brand's point of sale and brand house with the widest product range. the showroom aims to be the meeting point of art and craft by hosting periodic conversations and invitations in the depths of Bergsen's design concept.

Aida Bergsen store will serve as a 120-square-meter VIP selling-point. With the decorative line of thestore, the use of interior sculptures and antiques adds store a holistic dimension.

Aida Bergsen’s jewellery designs, which are prominent with their bold and elegant lines, are the heroes of universal, immortal stories, all told in different languages ​​for centuries.

When Bergsen transfers these stories to metal and stone, she also use bronze, gold, silver, precious and semi-precious stones.

Aida Bergsen jewels travel all over the world on bodies and meet with the audience through various international fairs and exhibitions like Paris Pret-a-Porter Atmosphere and Eclat de Mode Bijorhca, Premiere Classe Jardin Des Tuileries and Couture Las Vegas. The shoulder brooch design of the designer's Convolvulus Sepium collection was presented to the auction by the special invitation of Christie’s Paris in 2018.

Aida Bergsen meets the design enthuasiasts with its Bergdorf Goodman department store and London's Harvey Nichols store in New York and now the brand also invites you to its dream world with its new home in Istanbul.


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